what we do

We offer a range of services aimed at helping children reach their communication potential


A comprehensive evaluation of your child’s communication skills to determine their strengths and needs. The assessment is essential for deciding whether therapy is recommended and to set appropriate speech and language goals.


One-to-one therapy with a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist to target your child’s speech and language goals. We use motivating and fun activities to optimize your child’s progress. In addition, parent involvement in the sessions and following up with at-home activities will maximize his/her learning.


Education and training for parents and other caregivers are important for a holistic approach to helping your child improve his/her communication skills. Consultations may take place in the daycare, preschool, or with other service providers already involved with your child.

Clinic location:
532 Eglinton Avenue East
(Lower Level),
Toronto, ON M4P 1N6 

Phone: (416) 488-7807

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